Model Review

Model Review: Hail Caesar!

Headline score: 5/5. A gorgeous kit and a fantastic mech.

So, I recently finished up the Kaiser model from Strato Minis. I was sceptical initially; firstly, because the Caesar is a fairly obscure mech, and secondly, because the model looked…well, kind of weird. A huge, bulging cockpit, akimbo arms; what was this oddity on offer? But when you’re running a Davion Militia, and someone’s done a fresh sculpt for a literal Davion militia mech, you can’t really not build one.


The mech as it came.


The kit, as you can see, comes in the fairly standard configuration; two legs, the ERPPC on the right arm, and a separate Gauss Rifle to mount onto the right torso. The separate Gauss is a nice touch; it allows you to do weapon remounts to different locations, in case you were feeling like building your own variant. Everything cleaned up fairly nicely, and there are none of the awful mold-lines-over-heatsinks flaws to this design that other resins occasionally have.

I decided on a cityscape scene – a Caesar manoeuvring through a narrow street, and built her up fairly conventionally, disdaining magnetisation.

After assembly.

It was at this point I really started to feel the vibe of this mech: like a stalking, predatory bird. As you can see above, the torso mold lines are surprisingly hard to remove, and required a bit of faffing around with the scalpel. Beyond that, a really easy build.


The finished mech

As you can see, I’ve diverted from my usual trend of flat colours for the Davion militia; adding in a drybrush camo of ivory and orange. I’m absolutely loving it, and I’ve been doing it on everything Davion since then.

As I may have hinted earlier, this model is amazing. It’s got that heavy-yet-mobile aesthetic akin to some of the Clan mechs; the rounded shoulders and torso like a bird of prey, but offset by the mechanistic look of those utilitarian gun mount arms and big, attack-helicopter cockpit. It’s an excellent artistic blend, and one which I have fallen in love with.

Like the Mackie, that giant cockpit is a painter’s delight. I think I wound up doing over a dozen layers, from a Dark Angels’ to Gauss Blaster Green over multiple layered washes. The weapons were nice and clean to paint up, and the rest of it worked out well. Beyond that, her camo scheme has created something of an aesthetic revolution amongst my Davions. And, yes, a review of that Jackal will be coming next.

An absolute must-have for any Fedcom players out there, or indeed, the more discerning Liao and Kurita collector.


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