Sword of Light wins initiative

Got a few decent snaps of my Sword of Light force, I thought I’d share them with you all.

A newly-painted Wasp and Phoenix Hawk
The full formation: Wasp, Stinger, Hussar, Jenner, Phoenix Hawk, Marauder, Warhammer, Flashman, Black Knight, Longbow and King Crab.

As you can see, the force is a fairly fluff-authentic one, composed of units  reasonably available to the DCMS at either 3025 (Stinger, Wasp, Jenner, Phoenix Hawk, Marauder, Warhammer and Longbow) or 3039 (Hussar, King Crab, Flashman).


The one exception is the BLK-9-KNT Clanbuster, which has an interesting story to it. It was never intended as part of my collection (the project beginning as a War of 3039 formation), but was sent by accident in a mixup of orders from Warhansa. A quick chat with the merchant later, and I was okayed to keep it and receive my actual order.

After a cursory readthrough on Sarna, I decided my Kuritans simply could not do without it, and more specifically, could not do without the 3052-era BLK-9-KNT. A few quick modifications later (removing an arm laser and building the mech-sized wakashimi), and voila! I had my second post-3050 unit.


As to the rest of the unit, the provenance is more prosaic. The MWO sculpts are from a variety of vendors, one of whom I will not name as at least one I know values his privacy. The Longbow, Hussar, Stinger and the Flashman – the mech which began this project – are all from Strato Minis Studio. The Warhammer is a Tomahawk Destroid from the failed Robotech Tactics game.


Hope you enjoyed the unit rundown!


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